Untitled Wall Structure #1

Auto enamel on steel, 17 elements, 215.5 x 262 x 55cm (horizontal dimensions variable).

Exhibited 1970, ‘Transfield Prize’, Bonython Gallery, Sydney (#2). Exhibited 1971, ‘Nigel Lendon’, Watters Gallery, Sydney (#3). Exhibited 2012, ‘Less is More: Minimalism and Post-Minimal Art in Australia’, Heide Galleries, Melbourne (#1). Exhibited 2013, ‘Minimal/Conceptual’, Milani Gallery, Brisbane. Exhibited 2015, ‘Modelling the Now’, Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra (#3). Exhibited 2018, ‘Abstraction 18: Further a-Field, 1970s’, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne (#3). Collection UQ Art Museum; private collection, Sydney.

Two of the three original works were exhibited in the early 70s before, on a return journey to Adelaide in 1972, they were significantly damaged. From the remaining pieces, the three versions of the work were reconstructed in 2012. Each rod is numbered according to its shade; 1 being the lightest and 5 being the darkest. The work illustrated here is #1 in which the sequence runs: 123452345234523452345. The sequence for #3 is: 41433443552553222.